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One of the staples of Boynton Beach, FL is a swimming pool. The warm climate in Florida gives residents an excuse for owning one as they are almost always found in most homes with yards. With public pools being few and far between, it's nice to have your own private place where you can relax after work or take part in some refreshing exercise during summer vacation!


One of the most frightening facts about having a pool in your home is that it can be responsible for drowning accidents. Children are especially prone to falling into pools and not being able to escape if they cannot swim or injure themselves when they fall--they may never make an outcry before their lungs fill with water and drown them without warning.


This has led to so many deaths by drowning in the past because people were unaware of safety precautions until laws had been passed requiring owners who have pools on their property to take certain steps like installing fencing around said swimming areas as well as netting over top; this ensures such tragedies will hopefully no longer happen!


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Despite that, not all accidents are successfully prevented. In fact, a large number of times lack in preventive measures result in children suffering from injuries despite the safety measure being taken into account. The only way to ensure your child is safe and sound at home or while swimming poolside is by ensuring the proper installation of quality equipment.


 Pool Fence Boynton beach has for its customers which makes it one of the most reputed companies when it comes to installing protective products such as fences around pools and nets installed over them so they don't collapse on top of unsuspecting kids playing near water bodies where their parents might have left without cautioning their charge about unsafe behavior under these circumstances thus putting themselves at risk because no matter how much care you take with this issue there.


When you need the safest pool fence in Boynton Beach, FL we are here for you! We have been testing and perfecting these products since 2012. Our experts work hard to make sure that all of our customers get the best product possible at a fair price.

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Pool Safety Products

Pool safety is the most important thing for any family that has a pool in their backyard. While there are many things you can do to ensure your kids stay safe, three of them must be done at all times: installing fencing around the pool area with self-closing gates and using kid-safe nets as barriers or even just something close enough so they won't want to go near it because they know how dangerous pools can really get.

A closeup view of a swimming pool fence post, in a home backyard setting.

Pool safety fences ensure that even if adults are not nearby or they're busy close by yet unable to keep an eye on the kids, the children would never get near enough to a pool's edge for their heads and bodies to be submerged.


This exempts adults from having to remain vigilant over them every second of any day in order to prevent accidents from occurring at all costs.


Baby guard fence enclosures with kid-proof locks should come standard so parents wouldn't have to go through too much trouble trying to open them up when necessary while juggling other tasks like tending after squirming toddlers who want nothing more than explore outdoors on their own accord.


Which only leaves one hand free instead of two hands as it needs just one finger hold latch keyhole release button push versus three fingers.

Pool Fencing Options

Safety fence at swimmimg pool with child protection gate for drowning

Pool safety self-closing gates are extremely important with pool fences. These gates open to the outside only, i.e., away from the pool, to both entering and exit from a swimming area. The advantage of this is that children can push it but not pull on it themselves - they're too young or smart enough for such tasks!


After you leave a gate behind as you depart through its entranceway's doorway like an alleyway door into your home garage.

When closing itself automatically after someone leaves by pulling up their arm lever handle in half-circle motion back towards themself backward without any need for pushing forward first (with one exception) while walking out back then there will be no risk at all of the kids being able to get past these barriers.

Close up view of a swimming pool net

Swimming pool safety nets are the last necessity if you have a swimming pool on your property. In many cases, homeowners may decide to have a removable fence installed only. This could be because their kids usually stay at school so the fences need to be up on weekends only.


Or one might not have children in his/her house but still has other people's children over often for playdates and parties due of having big yards or houses with lots of room for guests who want space from family time sometimes which means there is no need for permanent fencing since it would never get used anyway most likely unless they had occasional visitors all year round like grandparents visiting every month!


Swimming pools provide great entertainment when families gather outside together; however, some parents

The Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act

The Florida legislature passed the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act in 2000 to help prevent unnecessary casualties. This law requires that every pool owner follow certain rules, such as ensuring a four-foot fence is around their pool and adding "no diving" signs if there are no lifeguards on duty. These laws were enacted for the protection of children, pets, and elderly people from falling into pools where they may face danger or even die due to swimming accidents at boynton beach FL homes with pools .

Pool Safety - Young Girl Standing Outside Pool Fence Looking In To Pool Northland New Zealand


The fence should be secured with sturdy metal posts that are at least 4 feet high and measure 1.5 inches in diameter, or you can install a netting system if your pool is near something like an apartment building. You'll also have to watch out for any holes where the barrier comes into contact with the ground.


Pool owners should install safety exit alarms at all the windows and doors that provide direct access to the pool. The sounds these devices produce must reach 85-decibel levels 10 feet away from their targets, which is enough noise for anyone trying to enter through one of those exits without authorization or drown an unsuspecting swimmer in a matter of seconds.


The pool safety fence must be installed with a self-closing safety gate that automatically closes and latches the door towards the inside of your home. This way, children can't get out when they're not supposed to!


The distance from the pool's edge to install a fence must be carefully measured so that even if someone falls into it, they will still have enough room on solid ground.

The Requirement of a Pool Safety Fence

  • Is your family pet's life worth a little extra vigilance? I'll let you decide. A child or senior citizen who stumbles into an unprotected pool could die, and their caretaker might not even realize it has happened until the next day when they notice that someone is missing.


  • You don't have to take a break from swimming just because you're supervising the little ones. The safety pool fences are there for your convenience and offer ways of protecting against injury or death in case someone gets too close to the water's edge. You can be sure that no one will get past these barriers, as they'll keep kids, elderly people, pets--everyone at bay with an easy-to-operate latch!


  • To keep your pool safe for the kids, you will need a self-latching gate that has childproof locks. The latching mechanism should be on the side of the fence so children can't reach it and if you want something less expensive than fencing or only want to have temporary barriers then simply opt for a safety net around your swimming area.


  • At Premier Pool Fence Boynton beach, we specialize in installing your home with a swimming pool fence that was designed to comply not just with the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act, but also an array of other safety features.


  • Every product is installed by professional experts who are fully knowledgeable about all aspects of compliance and requisites for installation. You will find no better company than us when you need a reliable contractor to install any aspect of swimming pools or fences at your house!


Pool Accidents Statistics

swimming pool cleaning. a man is cleaning the pool. service care

Water and Swimming Pool Safety Tips

  • It is not surprising that kids will be attracted to swimming pools. They find water alluring and want to explore the pool, sometimes with unfortunate consequences. Drowning accidents can happen in a lot of ways and it does not take more than a couple of inches of water for one to occur; which is why every residential pool owner should ensure they follow these tips:


  • Florida's Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act has regulations that every pool owner must follow. Baby guards are required for pools and a fence should be installed to help prevent accidental drowning accidents. To ensure safety, each family member needs basic skills in swimming or adaptive lessons as early as possible before children can swim on their own.


  • When the water safety rules have been established, it is important to reinforce them. Kids should understand that they need an adult's presence and supervision at all times when around a pool - whether with their parents or visiting somebody else's home with one.


  • There are many safety hazards that a child can encounter while swimming. Make sure the adult in charge of supervising their actions is only focused on them and not distracted by books, phones, or any other activity. 


  • They should also eye out for kids who might try to do breath-holding games that could put their lives at risk as well as children playing around too close to deep water without life vests or swim wings - don't blindly trust floaters when watching over your kid!


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