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Pool Safety Nets

The pool safety net is a piece of protective pool equipment. Pool safety nets are typically used in public swimming pools in order to protect swimmers from potential injury.


Swimming pool owners or operators should talk to their insurance provider about the pros and cons of using a swimming pool safety net, especially since these can be costly. Costs will also vary depending on how necessary the mesh rating is for the particular type of pool present at the facility.


It is important to determine if there are potential legal repercussions associated with installing a swimming pool safety net, considering that they were not originally part of the design by the architect or engineer specifications.

Owners who do choose to install a swimming net should make sure to check regularly for signs of wear and tear, tears, or holes that pool safety nets may develop over time.

The pool safety net is usually constructed of polyethylene, which is a strong and durable type of flexible plastic. The purpose of the pool mesh netting is to serve as an extra precaution in pool environments by preventing any swimmers from accidentally falling into the pool if they lose their footing.


The installation process will involve stapling the pool safety net approximately three feet away from the pool wall using steel staples taken out regularly for general maintenance purposes. Cleaning should be done on a regular basis in order to prevent algae build-up near these areas where pool safety nets are installed around public pools.

A swimming pool safety net will not obstruct or interfere with the activities of lifeguards, pool maintenance workers, pool staff, or pool patrons.


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Safety nets provide a way for parents to relax at home. They are also useful for hotels with access to pools where children can play without adult supervision.


Pool safety nets are not always recommended for use with pools that have water slides because of the risk of entrapment on the slide. Installation is done more safely if there is no pool slide involved, as well as ensuring that equipment cannot be piled up against it and accidentally pushed into the pool area.


Pool safety nets are installed only after by cutting the netting into equal lengths and then tying them together. You can do this by connecting one end of two ropes on both sides of the pool, extending across the pool at an appropriate height, below which it will not curl up when under load (as in not too low or too high).

This will form a V-shape leading away from the pool below where you tied each rope length to each other. The pool nets are in the shape of pool fencing in order for them to fit into their designated area. Also, pool safety nets are designed in a way that it will not allow children to climb over pool nets with ease.